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We design, build, and install biogas systems for a variety of reasons. We do this to help our clients become more productive, self-sufficient, cost-effective, and healthier farmers. And because we want biogas to be available to everyone, not just the fortunate few.

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bio-DIgester Instalation Services

When you choose our design team, you will get a personalized service. Following an initial consultation, we will do a detailed inspection of your site to determine your company’s particular needs before building a system that is personalized to your specifications.

Toilets with bio-digesters are an efficient way to manage human waste.

Due to the scarcity of space in Nairobi and other cities. In Kenya, biodigester toilets are becoming the most convenient alternative. You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking for biodigester building and installation services in Kenya. In Kenya, Hoscec provides competent and cost-effective biodigester toilet installation services. Our Bio services assist in the management of household trash. This is frequently the most recent technology for treating and managing bodily waste. And


Bio-digester installation / Plumbing services in Nairobi


This is where bodily waste (urine and feces) is processed.

End products include pathogen-free water, CO2, and Methane Bio-gas. Bacteria give the treatment without the use of oxygen (anaerobic digestion). During the course of a given tank. An immobilization matrix is used in the tank to keep increased microbial mass for survival in harsh environments. The water is frequently re-flushed and utilized for gardening. With additional treatment in the form of a reed bed.

Bio-digester installation / Plumbing services in Nairobi

Bio-Digester Toilet Installation Services Kenya

Due to our effective and economical services, Hoscec Plumbers is the finest bio-digester business in Kenya.

Here’s what we’re going to do.

  • We’ll replace your septic tanks with bio tanks.
  • Your unused Bio Toilets will be resurrected and made functioning.
    Decentralized waste water treatment for water from kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms is available.
  • Within 48 hours, we built the bio digester and had it ready to use.


You could be perplexed. What’s the point of a bio-digester? A person living in a residence without a sanitary facility is the solution. Also for persons who live in private residences, resorts, and cottages. Who aspires to live in a clean and sanitary environment. For the sake of themselves and, as a result, future generations.

Benefits of using a Bio-Digetser

The following are some of the advantages of using a bio-digester:

  1. Because all organic wastes are collected, the system does not need to be emptied or exhausted. Fully decompose into gases and water.
  2. The technology is very space efficient and requires little maintenance.  There are no moving parts in hydraulics, hence energy or power is used.
  3. There are no odors. Because bio-degradation takes place beneath water, all gases released are harmless.
  4. A 5-year warranty against manufacture defects is included.

In Kenya, a bio-digester chemical is used. Bio-digester Chemical is a mixture of bacteria and enzymes that may be used to digest food. It activates when placed in the bio-digester tank. And start storing enzymes that digest organic waste fast and degrade it into water and air.

Cost of constructing and installing a biodigester in Kenya

In compared to a septic tank, bio-digesters are dirt cheap. This is frequently due to the fact that the cost of maintaining a Bio-digester is zero. Installing a 1.2 cubic meter, for example, corresponds to a household with a ratio of 1:30 people. This will cost between 80,000 and 100,000 Ksh. This is the only investment you’ll ever make. As a result, unlike a septic tank, you will not require exhaust services.

The cost of a Bio digester is determined by its dimensions, which are determined by the number of people it feeds every day. For a free quote, call 0723051963 or Request a quote.

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